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WELCOME TO 147 VALET & DETAIL Kingswinford

WELCOME TO 147 VALET & DETAIL Kingswinford

At 147 Valet & Detailing, we provide high-quality and professional mobile valeting, car detailing and paint correction throughout Kingswinford, and the surrounding areas.

Our professional mobile valeting services can make your car look showroom fresh, whether that’s undertaking an interior valet or a complete exterior valet.

Roger, Owner of 147 Valet & Detailing, is a highly experienced & passionate car valet & detailing specialist. With over 20 years of experience & skillset, we deliver top-class mobile valeting throughout Kingswinford, and the surrounding areas.

We use the latest & best valeting products and techniques to get your vehicle looking showroom fresh! Providing mobile car valeting & detailing services for vans, campervans & commercial fleet vehicles, if you’re looking for a valet in Kingswinford, look no further than 147 Valet & Detail.

CONTACT 147 VALET & DETAIL ON 07907 869 531 OR EMAIL 147valetdetail@gmail.com
CONTACT 147 VALET & DETAIL ON 07907 869 531 OR EMAIL 147valetdetail@gmail.com



Our team can come to you! We will arrive direct at your home, office, workplace or any other location! We can valet your vehicle almost anywhere it is parked! Our services are available for all types of vehicle owners, available as a one off service or as a regular contract! Whether you are a private customer, car dealership, delivery vehicle, hire car company or any other type of vehicle owner, if your car needs attention, call 147 Valet & Detail today!

Our professional mobile valeting service will maximise the potential price of your vehicle and make it more saleable. The theory is simple: if a car is displayed in its best possible condition, it will command a higher price and be easier to sell. If you have a car for sale, cosmetic appearance is just as important for low end cars as for high value, top of the range vehicles. By investing in a full interior and exterior valet you will boost the price and attract more interest from buyers!

147 Valet & Detail offers paint correction. This is the process of removing minor scratches or scrapes in the car’s original coat. We use an electric polisher, rebuffing pad, and a special cutting compound. By using these methods, the original coat would be cut into the coat to level the scratches or remove them completely.

We will completely inspect your car before agreeing to a paint correction. We will walk you through the process and offer you one or two machine polish paint (Scratch Removal) corrections.

A full detail service includes exterior paint clay decontamination treatment, a one or two-stage paint correction process, and a ceramic wax protection.

Or non-ceramic coating – Interior wet vacuum, deep clean, and leather feed if applicable.

A full inspection will be required on your car before any work can take place. Contact us today on 07907 869 531 or email us at 147valetdetail@gmail.com

CONTACT 147 VALET & DETAIL IN Kingswinford

So if you are looking for a top-quality mobile car valet service throughout Kingswinford and the surrounding areas? Our skilled, experienced team use the latest products and techniques. We offer a comprehensive mobile car valeting and detailing service, from cars and vans to campervans, commercial vehicles and taxis! Contact us on 07907 869 531 or email 147valetdetail@gmail.com and we will get back to you.